LONDON - Tuesday 1st October 2024

Why Exhibit

The demand for STEM related skills is high and the competition to hire is increasing.
It has been well documented that student numbers are decreasing within STEM subjects despite significant efforts being made towards increasing awareness through government initiatives and the education system. 

The STEM Generation event will provide exhibitors with the opportunity to showcase their organisations and career pathways, enabling them to engage with the next generation of STEM professionals face to face in a safe and comfortable environment.

Promote your company and increase brand awareness at the event and highlight your attendance by booking sponsorship or speaker sessions


If you are a company with a STEM apprenticeship, internship or graduate programme and you are recruiting for candidates with STEM related skills, the EXPO will help you towards achieving your goal of attracting the best and brightest minds to your STEM career pathways.

STEM Generation will be collaborating with schools, universities, and related government departments to ensure that we have the right mix of skills in all four of the STEM disciplines.


For universities looking to promote STEM courses to students in further education, who are looking to undertake a degree course, the EXPO offers a unique networking opportunity to engage and promote your latest STEM degree course offering.

You can promote course open days, virtual open days around STEM subjects to ensure that your course intakes are met. The EXPO offers a unique method of interaction with your next student intakes for promoting your STEM degree courses.

Frequently asked questions 

Do candidates need to register to attend?

Yes, candidates will need to register for the event 

What time does the event start and finish?

The event opens to candidates at 10am and closes at 3.30pm (Last entry is 3pm)

What kind of companies usually exhibit?

You can find a list of past and present exhibitors HERE

What happens at the event?

Our event is for job seekers to meet employers face to face and learn more about the companies exhibiting. Its an opportunity to network, and provide information to candidates about your job openings.

What do the speaking sessions involve?

Each speaking session will provide you with a 30 minute slot and the chance to showcase a presentation for up to 80 attendees 

If you are unable to find what you are looking for then please get in touch with the event team!