LONDON - Thursday 14th November 2024

Why Visit

The need for candidates with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is growing. Companies are competing to engage with the next generation looking to enter the market.

STEM Generation is designed to assist those who may be looking to further their education in STEM subjects or for those that have studied a STEM related course and wish to network with potential employers


Undergraduates and postgraduates looking to start a career that requires a STEM related degree will be able learn what opportunities are available to them from a wide cross section of employers.

The EXPO will enable you to network with companies that are hiring in this space and in turn can offer you valuable information on your career path and your first steps.


If you are a school leaver searching for your first job in a STEM related industry you can explore opportunities via an apprenticeship or degree apprenticeship programme.

Exhibitors at the EXPO will be offering level 3,4 & 5 apprenticeships or level 6-degree apprenticeship programs.